Handmade Italian Shoes

Passion. Experience. and Creativity. 

Bontoni is a shoe company based out of Italy. With a family that always leaned toward personalized craftsmanship rather than embracing industrialization and mechanical production that became popular in the 1970s. Franco Gazzani and Lewis Cutillo founded Bontoni in 2004 keeping to their family’s roots by selling hand made shoes that quickly grew in popularity.

DATE: 6/10/2021
INDUSTRY: Fashion/Clothing
DELIVERABLES: Custom Website

A logo of Bontoni.



The overarching problem we had to solve was migrating a convoluted / distorted WordPress website setup to one that was easily adjustable and able to make mass edits. Afterwards we managed the site and made any adjustments or changes the client desired until he was satisfied to launch the site.


The site is now editable and making mass edits across the site to change a specific style is incredibly helpful as opposed to the previous version when we had to adjust the style on each individual page. The backend and frontend are connected making edits and adjustments easy to visualize and understand. Updates for the site are automatic to ensure that the website is secure and running efficiently.


We continue to offer ongoing support through hosting to help keep load times low. Through the maintenance plan we keep the site up to date which is crucial to running a website efficiently. We also change any style choices that the client no longer likes and swap it with their new ideas. We are always open to add new features that will help improve the site. Any bugs or issues that arise we work quickly to find the solution and solve the problem.


When the client first originally reached out they wanted to manage the site themselves. To help them we created a website that is easily accessible and adjustable. We provided video tutorials to demonstrate how to perform common actions or edits. As well as answered any questions or concerns that they had about their site.

Website Development

Best Practices

All of the sites we design here at NL Softworks are made using best practices for SEO, Page Speed and mobile use. We make sure that the site will work on any screen and represent your company in a professional way.

Website Development

Attention to Detail

Once the project is complete and all final designs are signed off we will make sure everything is perfect on your site. We will do different devices and screens and test every feature to make sure your site is perfect down to every pixel. 

Custom Requests 

Custom Shoe Feed

Bontoni has many new shoes released constantly and needed a feed to be able to post all the new styles available. We created a custom feed to bring in the products and allow the Bontoni staff to edit and add items to the page so that their team can easily manage and update their feed to match their current lineup.

Custom Requests


Bontoni requested the site have some subtle animations when the pages load and while the user scrolls down, we added delays and multiple animations to complete the look and create a smooth  scrolling animation throughout the while website 

Custom Requests

Reusable Blocks

Bontoni requested to be able to edit sections of the site on their own. To accommodate this we used a powerful page building tool and modified it to match their style and design. We also created many sections and blocks that they can use to easily build a basic page if they need allowing them to modify text and images.