WordPress is a content management system for websites, this is a great tool that allows developers to create sites without having to worry about creating all the features from scratch. This also allows clients to easily edit and update the text on the site. In the end it’s a win win for developers and clients alike. WordPress comes standard with an admin login system, blog posting along with comments, and a page builder along with a few other features. Since WordPress is the most popular website builder there are many plugins that you can install to extend functionality most free, but some do require a yearly subscription for more specific functionality. Some of the most popular are ecommerce, this allows you to sell products right on the site with very minimal setup to get everything functioning. Others include adding contact forms, cache, optimization, more advanced page builders and many more. All this together can allow you to create a site with all the functionality you could possibly imagine. So you might be thinking this is a no brainer right? Why choose anything else. 


One major issue with WordPress is security, since WordPress has so many endless possibilities to create any site you want, it also has endless vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to get into your site. After an issue has been around for a while hackers actually create automatic scripts that scan for websites that are built with WordPress and then attack that specific exploit. However this can be easily avoided by just keeping the site on the newest version of WordPress and each keeping each plugin updated. Plugin developers and the WordPress team do a great job patching any issues that are known. However this can cause problems as some plugins only update security issues while some others add features and change around some features. This means based on how the site was designed this may cause some issues or features to break after updating, in this case you would need to hire a developer to go in and find what was broken and how to repair. 


To combat this never ending problem of being afraid to update your site, but also needing to update so that you site doesn’t get hacked we have created a monthly subscription plan to manage your site. We will note all the functionality your site has and test after each update to make sure your site is running smoothly and efficiently. If we do find a bug or a problem after the newest update we will fix it no charge as long as you are signed up for our plan. As it is almost impossible to keep up with all the updates in real time, for the time between updates you can have peace of mind knowing we have daily backups that can be restored if anything is broken. As well as daily malware scans to make sure your site has not been breached. All of this together will make sure your site will almost never have any issues and always be secure, and in the case of an emergency we can quickly restore the site and patch the vulnerability.