Welcome to Novak, Line Software Company! We focus on web projects that are mainly WordPress. I am Edward Novak, a senior Software Engineering major, and my partner Hunter Line is a Computer Science major. We started this company to help small businesses with getting their business a better online presence and more productive with the use of technology. Typically our clients are a smaller business that need help with running or creating their website. We go in and fix everything they want and are on call for new issues. This is charged hourly for our service, we also have scheduled plans. In these plans we go into the site on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or how frequently you would like. this is done to make sure the site is running smoothly and fix any issues. Also we love to start new projects, usually this is a flat fee and we will have a few meetings to figure out exactly what you need. Then based on the budget we will start working on the site. Once its complete we will charge hourly for updates or modifications to the site. We have worked with many businesses from personal portfolios to huge eCommerce stores. We welcome any new project that gets requested.

We also have a few bigger clients that are marketing or creative companies that need help with more involved projects, or software issues. We get all sorts of work from them. SEO optimizations, Mobile styling issues, anything you need help with we got you covered. We have been doing web design and server hosting for over 8 years and have lots of experience with websites and servers.