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Our team is highly experienced and trained in preventing any security issues and vulnerabilities with your WordPress website.

Our Services


We will run an automated security audit from over 10 different automated scanners that will scan the site to ensure there are no issues or malware installed anywhere on the site.


Our team will make sure all best practices are in place to ensure that your site is protected from any sort of security attack


We will run a audit on your site to find any potential issues that can be improved or vulnerabilities that can be patched and secured.


What We Offer

NL Softworks offers a variety of different ongoing plans to ensure your site is running smoothly. All of these plans include a daily security scan that will alert us if anything has been found. We also offer higher end packages where we manually check your site to ensure there are no issues and everything is running smoothly. With any of our packages you can have peace of mind that a professional is taking care of all of your security needs and issues.


We will run a daily scan to make sure there is no malware installed on your site. If we do find any we will launch an investigation into how the hack was performed and how to prevent it.


One of the most important things to keep up to date in WordPress is all of your plugins. We can handle of the updates and ensure your site functions properly after updates.


We will send a report of any incidents or vulnerabilities that need to be patched, so that you can  be assured your security problems are all being addressed. 


Our Prevention Strategy

In order to prevent any issues from happening we have a few steps we implement on all of our client sites to assure there will be no security issues going forward. First we do an audit and make sure everything on your site is running smoothly. Next we will install all of our monitoring tools and run a report to see if there are any issues we need to patch. After that we will fix any issues and look manually to make sure everything is in order. Once we confirm the site is secure we will let the automated systems monitor the site, and we will check in for the next time we will perform site updates. If there is an issue before the next time we perform updates we will get an automated report, and jump right on the issue to make sure the site has minimal downtime or problems.

Site Audit

We will login to the site for the first time and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Monitoring Tools

We will install our tools to ensure the site has no issues and to see any reports of issues going forward.

Site patching

If we get a report for anything we will patch the issue or recommend a solution to make sure this cannot be exploited.

Plugin updates

We will update all the site plugins to make sure there are no security patches the plugins have released since last update.

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