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Keep Your Website Secure and Updated with our Website Maintenance Plan

After the effort of building your website, you’re going to want to make sure it continues to perform at its peak. Websites are like a machine that needs regular maintenance to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. For example, when WordPress makes an unexpected software update, it can put your website at risk of breaking or going down completely. If your website goes down, it could mean a loss of revenue and having to spend hours troubleshooting and resolving any sudden issues. Our low-cost website maintenance plan offers peace of mind.

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Reactive/ Proactive Support

All our plans come with access to our support, the difference between reactive and proactive is with proactive support we try to prevent issues before they happen by monitoring the site and checking in monthly. With reactive support we will fix issues as they happen and not look at the site unless there is an alert or a message from the client.

Downtime Alerts

We will keep track of the website uptime and will be alerted if there are any issues or if your site goes down. Should that happen, we will respond quickly and investigate the technical configuration to resolve the problem and/or alert the owner.

Security Scans

With our wwebsite maintenance plan we will run daily security checks to confirm your site software is up-to- date and doesn’t contain a security flaw. Our check will identify suspicious files or reveal evidence of any tampering. We will restore a backup if your site has been attacked and patch any notabilities if anything is found.


Making copies of your website’s code ensures you can quickly recover if disaster strikes. This means all your recent content updates don’t need to be remade. We perform 90-day backups of your site and how often we perform these backups depends on the plan you have chosen. Daily backups are typically a good bet for most businesses but we recommend hourly backups for store owners (e-commerce sites) or any sites with user interactions.

General Maintenance

We will perform updates to your site once a month to make sure your site is up to date and always running the newest software.

Vulnerability Patching

If your site has been attacked we will restore the latest backup and patch or fix any issues that may have caused the security breach so it doesn’t happen again.

Site Recovery

As an added layer to vulnerability patching, if your site has been hacked, we will do our best to undo any changes hackers have done to get your site working as it should, after restoring it with the latest backup.

Functionality Testing

Sometimes software updates can contradict your current setup and cause issues. From a list we’ll make of all your site features, we’ll conduct light testing to make sure everything is running 100% as it should after software updates are made.

Site Optimization

We will make sure all images are correctly sized and compress any code that’s not optimal. We will also provide any recommendations to help make your site run as smoothly as possible.

Basic Hosting

All our plans come with basic server website hosting support for smaller business sites. Enterprise websites or sites with heavy traffic might need to upgrade to our next plan, or get a quote based on the specific bandwidth you need.

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Through NL Softwork’s WordPress maintenance plan, we will provide you with peace of mind that your site is running smoothly and efficiently.


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