Workplace Transformations

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Workplace Transformations

Sustainable Culture Change


Not only is culture change necessary, it’s unavoidable. Any work performed prior or parallel to a shift in landscape will be impossible to maintain. That’s why our mission, vision and core values serve as the catalyst for a sustainable workplace culture.

DATE: 01/26/2022
INDUSTRY: Business 
DELIVERABLES: Custom Website

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Workplace Transformations is a new company with members that have been in the industry for many years brining all their experience to create their own solutions. They reached out to NL Softworks to create a website to represent them and their message and services. 

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After creating drafts and approving final designs we brought their company to light using best practices and beautiful design. The website features all the services they provide as-well as showing a modern and up to date website to match their company.

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Workplace transformations shows all the services and accreditations of the company to make sure that organizations that hire them can be assured they are professional and have many years of experience to provide the best feedback to improve their organization. 

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It was incredibly fun designing and creating this site. From bringing the pages to life to setting up a custom forum for their clients to interact with. The end result was perfect, and the clients of Workplace Transformations agree!

Website Development

Best Practices

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All of the sites we design here at NL Softworks are made using best practices for SEO, Page Speed and mobile use. We make sure that the site will work on any screen and represent your company in a professional way.

Website Development

Attention to Detail

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Once the project is complete and all final designs are signed off we will make sure everything is perfect on your site. We will do different devices and screens and test every feature to make sure your site is perfect down to every pixel. 

Custom Requests 

Custom Login

Workplace Transformations requested creating a forum for their clients to be able to interact with them and post options. To create this solution we created a fully functional login system with login, register, lost password, and account details. register scaled 1 forums scaled 1

Custom Requests 

Custom Forum

After the login system was in place we were able to create the forum functionality. To create forum pages we added, a forum page, topics, and reply’s so that clients can interact with questions and each other.

Custom Requests 


Workplace Transformations requested some subtle animations to make their site stand out. We added some subtle touches all over the site such as underlines that load from left to right, buttons with text that changes on hover, and images that add color on hover.



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quotes NL Softworks was very easy to work with. For a person who thought they knew how to create a website, the realization was that you really need an expert like NL Softworks to do the job right.

Janice B


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We’ve designed a culture that allows our stewards to assimilate with our clients and bring the best of who we are to your business. Our culture drives our – and more importantly – your success.


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