Rent Boston Cars

Premium Black Cars

Premium. Detailed. and Authentic.

Rent Boston Cars are premium black car rentals with exceptional customer service. With a focus on a hassle-free pickup and drop-off process with a major focus on flexibility to make trips as pleasant and seamless as possible.

DATE: 10/10/2021
INDUSTRY: Automobile
DELIVERABLES: Custom Website

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The cornerstone of Rent Boston Cars was to create a quick and simple process from reserving a car for specific dates to easy pickup/ drop-off.  We decided to bring the look of the cars to life on the site focusing on high quality images of the cars the clients would be renting.

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After extensive work we were able to bring each car to life on the webpage by taking powerful images of the exterior and the interior of these premium cars. The photos demonstrated how the cars would look when the clients picked up the cars in person.

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Once the client would select the car that stood out to them, the next step was to hit the reserve button. We decided to have this button go directly to Turo where the client could reserve a date/time, and a pickup/drop-off location. Using Turo helped streamline the process and keep project costs low while still maintaining functionality.

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It was incredibly fun designing and creating this site. From bringing the cars to life to working with Turo to help create a hassle-free pickup and drop-off process. The end result was perfect, and the clients of Rent Boston Cars agree!

Website Development

Best Practices

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All of the sites we design here at NL Softworks are made using best practices for SEO, Page Speed and mobile use. We make sure that the site will work on any screen and represent your company in a professional way.

Website Development

Attention to Detail

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Once the project is complete and all final designs are signed off we will make sure everything is perfect on your site. We will do different devices and screens and test every feature to make sure your site is perfect down to every pixel. 

Custom Requests 

Custom Vehicle Feed

Rent Boston Cars requested to have a detailed page for their vehicles so that clients can see all the details, specs, and booking information for the vehicles to make their clients trips as simple as possible. 2016 mercedes benz c class scaled 1 scaled 1

Custom Requests 

Rent Boston Cars requested to have a filter and search for their current lineup so that clients can search for only the specific features they are looking for to make the booking process easier.

Custom Requests 

Custom Delivery Map

Rent Boston Cars requested to create a delivery map so that clients can see what locations they can pickup the car. 2016 mercedes benz c class 1 scaled 1 2016 mercedes benz c class 2 scaled 1

Custom Requests 

Rent Boston Cars requested to create a image gallery for each car page so that clients can see a grid of photos before booking the car. This grid loads images with different sizes and looks very unique.