Once you have launched your site there are a few things you may want to do to insure your site launches smoothly.

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Tracking
  • SEO
  • Staging Site
  • Management Plan


For security I use WordFence, this plugin scans your site against WordPress and plugins to insure none of the files have been tampered with or added. It also recognize most common WordPress attacks and adds a layer of security you can configure, such as changing max login attempts before user get blocked, blocking people who use a non existent username. This plugin is excelnt in making sure your site is blocking as many attacks as possible.

Nothing is perfect though, there are some attacks that can still get though and its good to have a second layer, I usually also use an external scan service. This scans the site to make sure there are no malicious files also comparing code to most common attacks. This gives an extra piece of mind and insures that maximum protection.


There is nothing that can 100% guarantee that your site will never be breached so to insure we can recover the site as quickly and efficiently its important to have backups, I would recommend at minimum monthly if the site does not get much attention. Ideally daily backups so that a restore from the same morning can be restored, this will insure nothing gets messed up from the settings that were originally in place. After the restore is restored we an investigation into how the breach was made should be conducted and patched as soon as possible to insure the site can not be breached again.

Backups are also good incase an admin accidently messes up a setting so that the site can be restored, also a backup before any updates are conducted is recommended so the site can be restored while the errors are investigated.


once the site is up and running we will most likely want to see how many users visited the site and collect all important information from the visitors to help improve the site or see trends and adjust the site as needed. Google Analytics is the most popular platform for this. There are also some services that let you see users heatmaps and mouse movements such as Mouseflow These are helpful to see how the users are interaction with the site.


For best search engine optimization you will want to install the Yoast Plugin, This plugin will let you know what you need to edit on your page to make it best practice for you to show up on search results. The plugin also allows you to see previews of your search results and create social media images and titles. Also adding your site on Google Search Console can help you learn useful information and fix any errors with your site such as broken links and upload sitemaps to google.

Staging Site

It is a good idea to have a copy of the site that you can test new updates on so that you can be sure nothing will break on the live site when you apply the updates.

Management Plan

For all of these features and piece of mind here at NL Softworks we have created many options for plans that can be subscribed to depending on the level of detail your site needs.  Check out or plans and pricing on your website maintenance page.