Void Span

Custom feature: Clients wanted to allow shoppers to buy products and ship from cheapest location, we created a custom cart page that compares prices based off the shoppers location and selects the origin shipping for the product.


This site is a customized WordPress install to the specifications of the client.


  • E-Commerce WordPress Site
  • Custom Shipping Plugin
  • Multiple Shipping Locations
  • Easily Editable Pages


We created a custom plugin that uses the UPS api to calculate prices, we setup all the distribution centers and based off the users location it shows the cheapest location to ship from. We also made the plugin keep track of stock so that it does not allow to ship from there. aswell as adding a few other modifications to some products as voidspan requested. in the end we provided a solution that the company was happy with and the users are able to pay for shipping as they order the products now.

About VoidSpan

VoidSpan Technologies, LLC was created in 2011 by a team of engineers, scientists, and preservation practitioners to offer unique, dependable and practical solutions to the frontier of conservation and preservation challenges.

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Void span had many different restrictions for shipping. they can only ship a certain amount from one location aswell as a certain size, they also want the customers to get the best price so that they pay the least amount for shipping.