Mint Condition Fitness


This site is a customized WordPress install to the specifications of the client.


  • Custom Workout Courses
  • Payment system
  • E-Leaning System
  • Easily Editable Pages


Clients wanted site to be easily editable and allow them to update the site as needed.


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

About Mint Condition Fitness

Mint Condition Fitness has designed programs to make exercising easy and fun. We understand the struggle of a busy schedule which is why we have creatively designed exercise programs for even the busiest of people. We have thought about most excuses as to why people cannot exercise and designed a way for them to do it.

Self Improvement Website

Mint Condition Fitness wanted a website where users can register and buy their courses. We decided to go even further and create an automated workout with videos showing each workout. We will be adding more details and images once the project is done.