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Our team is built of conversion specialists which allows us to create highly effective landing pages.

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We Offer Comprehensive WooCommerce Customizations

Custom Product Selector

When you have complex options, showcase your products with an easy-to-follow user experience.

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Custom Checkout Flow

When you have a custom flow, ensure your clients understand your process.

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Custom My Account Page

When your clients need to interact with their accounts, ensure they have everything they need.

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Custom Plugin Functionality

When there’s no out-of-the-box solution, we can create something original for you.

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GEO Location Customizations

When you have different prices or information based on location, we can customize solutions to meet your needs.

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API & Third-Party Integrations

When you need to connect to or send data from external sources, we provide seamless integration solutions.

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What We Have Built For Our Clients

Nomic Power

Nomic Power was running ads to their website and not seeing any conversions in over 3 months, after launching our new landing page they saw over 8 conversions is just 2 weeks with the same ad spend resulting in thousands of dollars in sales.

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Our Process is Tailored for a User-Centric Experience.

Step 1: Discovery

We will outline all the necessary features and expected outcomes.

Step 2: UI UX Design

We will design the user interface in Figma for final approval.

Step 3: Development

We will develop a new plugin to meet your requirements.

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Why Choose Us?

“Our website was in dire need of updating, and now we have a site we’re proud of.”

 Greg Nowak

“They were always able to find options and solutions rather than hearing an outright “that is not possible”.”

Agustin Perez Aquino

“You really need an expert like NL Softworks to do the job right.”

Janice B.

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Complex Issues? We Got You Covered

Tired of developers who say ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘this is a limitation of the plugin’? We find solutions instead of giving you more problems.

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