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Websites are what bring life to the internet. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that websites are the internet. If anyone wants a serious presence online, they set up their own websites. Just as setting a website has become easy these days, so has hacking one as well. So, you might be wondering what to do when your website is hacked? How to repair a hacked website? And what kind of website repair services do you need to take preventative actions, so this doesn’t happen. This article will offer comprehensive guidance and answer all those questions and much more.

What to do after my website is hacked?  Website Repair Services (Reactive Measures)

Making and hosting your websites has become easier these days. In the past, people had to host websites on their own machines as remote hosting was either nonexistent or was very expensive. But nowadays hosting and website repair services have become accessible and cheap.  And with easier accessibility to the internet, there is more audience on the internet than ever before. The point I am getting to is since the internet has grown, so have the threats to the internet. Malicious actors have grown in numbers and matured in their methods. Websites getting hacked is a common occurrence for people that don’t take cyber security seriously. But let us assume your website has been hacked and now you are looking for solutions. The best practice in this situation would be to contact website repair services like NL Softworks and let the professionals handle the situation. These are the steps website repair services take after a website has been hacked. It is important to note that these are reactive measures after your website has been hacked. Furthermore, we will talk about the proactive measures you can take with help of website repair services to make sure this never happens.

Website Recovery

The first step website repair services take is site recovery. The website repair services go through your website and salvage whatever is left. If your website is backed up regularly, this task becomes much easier for website recovery services. But assuming you weren’t backing up your website. Depending upon the intent of the malicious actor and how deep he got into your website, it is entirely possible to repair all the damage. But for that, you have to get lucky that the hacker wasn’t looking to vandalize your website and maybe was snooping around for information. Whatever the case, website repair services have the first priority to start a business as usual. So once the website is patched and all the damage repaired, website repair services can move on to other things.

Vulnerability Patching

The next task for the website repair services is vulnerability patching. Hackers get access to your website through unintended vulnerabilities they find in your website. It is important to identify these vulnerabilities and fix them. Website repair services after restoring your website start looking for holes that need to be plugged in. This is an important step in the process to make sure nothing like this ever happens. Especially because if vulnerabilities are left unpatched, they could be used again in the future. Hackers are known to be part of tightly knit communities and regularly communicate about new vulnerabilities they found. Other hackers probably try to get into your system through the same gaps. This is why website repair services patch vulnerabilities.


The debugging process is a website repair service’s way of checking that everything is working as intended. Once a hacker has been inside the website, you really don’t know the extent of the damage until you run the website itself. Debugging is important because going through the website one line of code at a time is not only time-consuming, but in some cases, it can even be impossible. So, website repair services debug the website and look for any broken outcomes. This way they know they have missed something and can get back to work to try and fix it.


Once the website is back to its original glory. Website repair services do have forensic cyber experts on their team to go through what happened and figure out who and why someone hacked into your website. This process is called attribution. Usually, attribution is almost impossible since the internet allows hackers to come and leave without a trace. But if the hacker was careless or a novice, it is highly likely that they slipped and left a digital fingerprint. Website repair services can actually identify these traces and figure out who was behind the hack. But like I said earlier, in most cases it is nearly impossible.

Why NL Softworks?

So now that we know what kind of things we can expect to do after a website is a hack, what website repair service you should go with. I would highly recommend NL Softworks, because not only do they offer reactive measures to help you after your website has been hacked. They even offer proactive solutions like backing up, doing regular security patches and malware scans. NL Softworks not only provide website repair services but also other general website maintenance and operating services like basic hosting and downtime alert systems. You can check the full plans that NLsoftworks offers on this webpage.

What are preventative measures I can take? Website Repair Services (Proactive Measures)

It is always to have a proactive approach to cybersecurity than a reactive one. In a reactive approach, you are not in control of the situation and things can get out of hand. So, what steps can you take to prevent someone from hacking your website? Well similar to reactive measures, to prevent hacking you will also need the help of professionals like website repair services. Website repair services like NL Softworks offer both proactive and reactive measures. So, they first try to make sure you don’t get hacked in the first place. And in the rare case you do get hacked, they have solutions for that scenario as well. These are some of the thing’s website repair services to proactively prevent getting hacked. And in case you are hacked some of these features are designed to minimize damage.

Regular Backups

Regular backups of your website both to the cloud and local storage devices are the number one priority. Regular backups ensure that your website is always safe even in the case a malicious actor tries to wipe your website. Backups are a no-brainer for website owners. Website repair services most of the time offer backup services. And the best part is these are automatic. Once they are configured you don’t have to worry about anything.

Regular Security and Malware Scans

Running regular security and malware scans on your website makes sure nothing nasty is lurking on your website in the shadows. Sometimes malware keeps a low profile after it has hacked into your website. And without malware scans, it can go undetected for weeks and even months. If there are no security scans, how can someone know they have been comprised. Especially if the intent of the hacker is to spy on your website and not sabotage. There are no visible symptoms in this case.

Downtime monitoring

Downtime monitoring is another great way to keep an eye on your website. You can’t be expected to have your website open 24/7 on your computer to make sure it doesn’t go down. This is where downtime monitoring comes in. Website repair services do this to track any downtime of your website, even if it is for a small period. Sometimes frequent downtime trends can be an indication of malicious activity on your website.

Why NL Softworks?

NL Softworks offers all of the proactive services mentioned above and much more. You can check out the full range of services from general maintenance to website optimization on the website here.

Why do websites get hacked?

Websites can get hacked for a wide range of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are

  • Targeted Disruption: Someone wants to take your website down for personal or competitive reasons.
  • Data Mining: The hackers intended to look for information that might benefit them.
  • Spying: The hackers want to install spyware on your website.
  • Ransom: The hackers want to hold your website for ransom money and get paid.
  • Proxy: The hackers are using your website as the front to do other illegal stuff as a way to hide.

There can be many other reasons for a website to get hacked. While it is not always clear the intention behind the attack or even the party behind the attack. Everyone prefers they rather not get hacked in the first place.


For whatever reason your website gets hacked, it is always a good idea to get in touch with professionals like website repair services to get your website back on track. It is even a better idea to have website repair services for proactive measures before you get hacked. As they say, prevention is the best medicine. NL Softworks offers all of the proactive services mentioned above and much more. You can check out the full range of services from general maintenance to website optimization from NL Softworks.

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