About Us

Empowering businesses to grow and thrive, by delivering exceptional value, quality, and service in everything we do. 

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What Makes NL Softworks Different?


To be a trusted website maintenance agency for businesses seeking to leverage the power of the web to grow and thrive, by delivering exceptional value, quality, and service in everything we do.


Here at NL Softworks, we envision a world where every hard-working entrepreneur receives the financial freedom they deserve. We love working with entrepreneurs and helping them reach their goals.

Dream Team

NL Softworks was founded on the idea that growing businesses need a true partner they can rely on. We hire the best and the brightest in the industry, each a character of their own and passionate about what they do.

Core Values

We believe people work best when they love what they do and that businesses with strong moral principles will stand strong against the current by gaining trust and reliability over time. These are some of the things we are about at NL Softworks.

A business card of the owner of NL Softworks, Ed Novak.

NL Softworks

Our Story

Established in 2015 by Edward Novak during his undergraduate years, NL Softworks emerged from a deep-rooted passion for software. Edward’s early ambition was to chart his own course in the industry, a goal that came to life after immersing himself in the software landscape. This experience shed light on the inner workings of agencies, revealing that people thrive when their work resonates with their passions. Armed with this understanding, Edward’s determination to make a meaningful impact through his own venture intensified over time. With eagerness and purpose, he founded NL Softworks. As demand surged, Edward partnered with Ryan, Colby, and Justin to further cultivate his vision. Today, boasting a team of over 10 dedicated professionals, NL Softworks has proudly served 100+ clients since 2015. This journey is a testament to forging connections, fostering happiness, and continual growth.

In Each of Us

Core Values

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We believe in being honest with our clients, even when it’s hard. Many agencies say whatever they can to earn a buck, but strong moral principles are in our DNA, and earning the trust of our clients comes first.

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We treat our clients as collaborative partners, and view their successes as a measurement of our own. We stand by our services and promote improvement plans to each of our partners to ensure their long-term success.

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Going beyond what is expected is what we enjoy doing for our clients. We’d prefer to create something that we can stand behind.

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Each of our team members are passionate about what they do. We focus our hiring on like-minded individuals who are in line with our values.

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Meet Our Team

Through careful selection, we’ve curated a group of highly skilled individuals, each passionate about what they do.

Ed Novak.

Edward Novak

CEO | Founder

CMO of NL Softworks, Justin Riker.

Justin Riker

CMO | Partner

Ryan Jacobberger

Ryan Jacobberger

COO | Partner

CTO of NL Softworks, Colby Leclerc.

Colby Leclerc

CTO | Partner


Celena Wolverton

Helpdesk Strategist


Maria Bernabel

Project Manager

Shopify developer.

Zoran Markoski

Project Manager

Chris Burke is a web developer at NL Softworks.

Chris Burke

Website Designer

Wordpress developer.

Stefan Nikoloski

Website Developer

Backend Developer at NL Softworks, Artemy Kaydash.

Artemy Kaydash

Website Developer

Emilio Bayarena is a sales development rep at our web development agency.

Whil Albon

Website Developer

Animation Specialist at NL Softworks, Artem Ponomarev.

Romario Mato

Website Developer

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