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What Makes NL Softworks Different?


3x Conversion Rates

NL Softworks is on a mission. We’re on a mission to 3x each of our clients’ conversion rates. And for clients with new websites, our goal is to increase their revenues by a minimum of 30% within 6 months of working with them.


Financial Freedom

Here at NL Softworks, we envision a world where every hard-working entrepreneur receives the financial freedom they deserve. We love working with entrepreneurs and helping them reach their goals.


Dream Team

NL Softworks was founded on the idea that growing businesses need a true partner they can rely on. We hire the best and the brightest in the industry, each a character of their own and passionate about what they do. We’re proud of the team we’ve accumulated. Meet our team below.

Core Values

In Each Of Us

We believe people work best when they love what they do and that businesses with strong moral principles will gain trust and reliability over time. These are some of the things we at NL Softworks are about. Learn more below.

Meet Our Team


Edward Novak



Ryan Jacobberger



Colby Leclerc



Justin Riker


Lead Designer

Chuck Casella


IT Manager

Dan Darmody


An abstract piece of art with colors blue, orange, white and yellow.

Backend Developer

Artemy Kaydash



Lindsey Krummen


Stacked cubes.


Artem Ponomarev



Phil Morgan


Core Values


We believe in being honest with our clients, even when it’s hard. Many agencies say whatever they can to earn a buck, but strong moral principles are in our DNA, and earning the trust of our clients comes first.


We treat our clients as collaborative partners, and view their successes as a measurement of our own. We stand by our services and promote improvement plans to each of our partners to ensure their long-term success.


Going beyond what is expected is what we enjoy doing for our clients. We’d prefer to create something that we can stand behind.


Each of our team members are passionate about what they do. We focus our hiring on like-minded individuals who are in line with our values.

NL Softworks

Our Story

NL Softworks was founded in 2015 by Edward Novak while pursuing his undergraduate studies. From early on, Edward had a passion for software, aspiring to lead his own company. After spending time in the software industry, he learned what a web design agency should not be. He found that people seemed to work best when they enjoy the work they’re doing and that people’s passions mattered. Over time, Edward’s drive to make a difference with a business of his own only grew. Eagerly he started his agency, and as demand increased Edward partnered with Ryan and Colby to further build out his vision. The company today has over 10 employees and has serviced over 50 clients since 2015, all while continuing to make its clients happy.

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